Ambience: The Key to Make Your Café Stand Out

Everyone deserves a refreshing treat after a long and stressful day at work, school, or home. And if you own a restaurant or café, be sure to give your clients an ambience that’s conducive for relaxation. Yes, this might require you to upgrade your interior furniture pieces, buy ice cream display freezer, and invest in a new coffee maker. But the payoff is worth it. You’ll see a significant increase in customers and sales if you do this right.

The Interior Layout

Make the interior easily navigable. Sooner or later, you’re going to have customers who are seniors, kids, or those with limited mobility. Hence, the need to choose the right furniture pieces. Keep the restaurant counters and second hand cake display fridge near the walls. Give ample distance between coffee tables. And choose chairs that are adjustable and flexible to give customers more legroom. If you want to have VIP areas with cubicles, have these near the wall also. Don’t hesitate to call an interior designer to help you choose the right fixtures, furniture pieces, and layout.

Decor, Colour Scheme, and Lighting

Have you heard of the “ketchup-mustard phenomenon?” This concept promotes that yellows and reds are appetite-stimulating colours, which is why many fast food companies use this colour scheme.

Lights could also help people relax when used the right way. Avoid glaring pendant lights. Buy ice cream display freezer and emphasise the display with the right lights. Aim to achieve a breezy and bright interior by using pendant and accent lights.

Mirrors are great decors to reflect light, making the interior look more spacious and well-lit. However, use mirrors sparingly and don’t place them near tables. A study shows that the presence of mirrors at dining areas could make diners self-conscious, influencing their eating behaviours. Click here Cold Display Solutions for more info.


Music therapy is one of the most relaxing and effective alternative therapies we know today. And this can be applied in the café setting. Jazz is a popular café music. You could also opt for ambient nature sounds. It doesn’t really matter much if you have a second hand drinks display fridge. What customers look for is a place to relax and enjoy a good conversation with friends.

Display and Hygiene

Make sure you have clean and presentable containers for your pastries and drinks. Buy ice cream display freezer, racks, trays, bakery cases, and stands. Hire a pro to tidy up your café regularly and invest in durable industrial kitchen equipment. Opt for those multi-functional ones. Consider having display counters with built-in lighting as these will highlight your items well.

Whatever items you’re selling, be sure to promote your café in a memorable way possible. You can do this by focusing on the ambience, an important factor that affects the eating behaviours of customers.

Improving the ambience can be done in a million ways. But to get you started, focus on the insights mentioned above. And to get this project done fast, contact experts and delegate. You might like to contact Cold Display Solutions to buy display freezer, gelato freezers, and cake displays.

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