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Factors to consider when looking for an industrial space for lease

Looking for the perfect industrial space for your business may go beyond searching for something that is ideal for your budget and of the right size. There are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration when searching for industrial space for lease. Below are the most important ones.

industrial space for lease

1. Power supply

If you’re manufacturing or using lots of equipment and computers to run your business operations, you will want to make sure that the space you’re planning to rent has enough power supply.

Also, if your business needs a requirement for a three-phase power system, then make sure to look for industrial space for lease that’s equipped with it.

2. Budget

This is one of the most important things that you need to consider because, when renting such a huge space, you also need to pay a huge amount. Thus, before leasing any space, you need to estimate your budget first and then rent a space based on your circumstance. The same goes when looking for a warehouse for lease.

3. Heating, air conditioning, and ventilation

Some industrial spaces don’t necessarily have a heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system. Nor do they possess systems that preserve a comfortable temperature all the time.

So, make sure that the space you’re considering has the type of cooling and heating system that you need. Skilled HVAC professionals can check the units. For repairs or upgrades, you’ll want to talk about these things with the landlord before signing a commercial lease agreement.

Also, remember that commercial lease Brisbane has today, as well as that of other cities, consist of endowment for the lessor to enter the site for some reason. Nevertheless, if you’re currently in Brisbane and looking for some industrial and commercial lease opportunities, visit

4.     Parking space

Another important thing to consider when looking for an industrial space for lease is the parking area. This is beneficial if you have lots of workers and most of them own vehicles. If you don’t consider this, you will run into problems.

5.     Location

The location of the space you are considering must be assessed from various perspectives. First of all, how convenient it is for the workforce. The space’s functionality is also another priority. However, do not discount the significance of your workers’ commutes when choosing a location.

Moreover, is the space within reasonable proximities to highways as well as other road connections? Surely, you want to streamline distribution of goods as much as much as possible.

6.     Zoning

Whether you are looking for an industrial or shop for lease, make sure it’s zoned for the intended use. This is to ensure you will not be breaking any zoning regulations, which might cause problems for your operations in the future.

If a property isn’t zoned for its specific purpose, then you might want to move on to your next option or ask the lessor to apply for zoming changes.

These are only a few of the things that you need to evaluate carefully when looking for an industrial space that you can rent.

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