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Gate automation: what is it exactly?

Automatic gates are awesome. The automatic opening and closing make it seem like you’re in a Hollywood spy movie. But beyond looking cool, automatic gates serve a purpose. They’re convenient, safe and very easy to install and operate. If you are on the lookout for the perfect gate automation solution for your needs but unsure of which one to pick, here are a few things you will want to consider.


gate automation



What is gate automation?

Automation simply means making something work with minimal human input. In the case of gates, this means that the gate can be opened or closed with little to no human effort. Many commercial solutions are available in the market today, each catering to a specific function and specification.

The three types of gate automation

Though gate automation techniques are many and varied, they can all be categorized into three main groups depending on how they operate and the specific gate type. These are sliding automation, underground automation, and overground automation.

Sliding automation

As the name suggests, this gate automation solution is designed for sliding gates. They achieve this either using rollers and track, through cantilevered sliders or through telescopic gate systems. These gates are a popular choice for big heavy duty security gates for car parks and warehouses. Though, proper maintenance is needed because the tracks can get debris and small rocks that can damage the system.

Underground automation

This type of setup has the motors buried underground out of sight. They are placed in concrete foundation casings. They house all of the components except the belt⁠—which is aboveground with galvanized or steel lids⁠—or swing arms. This isolates the motors from debris and any others that may damage the motor.

Underground automation kits can either be motor-based (AC or DC) or hydraulic-based. This setup is versatile and can be used for small ornate swing gates to larger utilitarian uses like garage or warehouse gates.

This setup is best suited for ornate double swing gate kits because they are discrete and does not affect how the gates look after installation.

Aboveground automation

If a person says they want to buy electric gate opener kits, this is what they have in mind. This setup is much like the underground setup in operation and components. The main key difference is that the motors are exposed and visible. Just like their underground cousins, they too can motorized or hydraulic-based. Ram-based automation kits are best suited for frequently used gates because they are durable and less likely to break. They pump out more power and can operate for much longer than motorized counterparts.

Which one should you pick?

When picking the right solution for your needs, there are two main points that you need to consider: the weight of the gate, and the frequency of their use. If your gate is on the hefty side, some underground setup might not be up for the task. If you use your gates often (carpark or driveway), this may limit the choice for you.

Generally for small ornate gates, underground systems are great if you want a seamless and clean look. For heavy and or security use, hydraulic-based ones are far more suited.

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