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The Beauty of Self-publishing a Book in 2019

It’s in every writer’s dream to produce a best-selling book. However, this dream isn’t that easy to achieve – it requires patience, high-quality output, money, and excellence to beat the competition. Fortunately, aspiring writers can do self-publishing. If you’re in the Northern part of Texas, consider a print shop Dallas company as your partner in a self-publishing journey.

What is self-publishing?

Self-publishing, an independent way of publishing a book, without having a partnership with an established publisher. This type of publishing involves risks and full commitment as its processes are shouldered by the author itself.

Although self-publishing isn’t fully adored by others, many authors have proven their triumph by taking their self-publishing routes. Below are some of the books that were self-published by the authors who have made its way in the limelight.

  1. Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James

wouldn’t want to read this book? A book that has sold over 125 million copies around the globe. Being in demand, the book was also translated into 52 languages and has been recognized as the fastest-selling book of all time. Because of its popularity, a movie version of this book was produced as well.

  1. The Shack by William P. Young

of the best-selling self-published book that has sold over 20 million copies worldwide. A movie based on this book was also released and touched the hearts of many.

  1. Hocking novel by Amanda Hocking

a book that we consider as the star of self-publishing. Originally published via an e-book, but later released via hard copy. The series of Hocking novel earned two million dollars.

These are just some of the books and their authors who have been successful by doing self-publishing alone.

The beauty of self-publishing in print

Why should I self-publish in print? This might be one of the frequent questions running inside your mind. While e-books can be found anywhere, believe it or not, printed books are still lavished by bookworms. Your first step is to find a print shop Dallas has these days, that can solve all your printing concerns.

You can learn more about how a print shop can help make your self-publishing dream come true, you may visit website to help you get started. Now, that you learn how a print company can meet your needs, let’s dig deeper into the beauty of self-publishing in print.

  • Unlimited control – You have all the time and flexibility on planning on what, when, and how your first book should be published.
  • Experience a NO REJECTION journey – You’ll no longer fear of overcoming such rejections from established publishers and agents/editors.
  • Royalty fee is all yours – You’ll take all of your profit without giving back to an agent and a publisher.
  • Creative marketing – This will show how independent and creative you are in marketing your book – Non-fiction or fiction.
  • Quicker publishing process – You’ll no longer have to wait for 2 to 3 years to publish your book. For instance, you can do it now with the help of a top-notch print shop Dallas has to offer.
  • You can maintain your rights – One of the best things an author could have.

Now that you have learned how self-publishing works, you may check here when you want to visit a top printing shop in Dallas and to achieve a high-quality output in printing out your books.

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