Welcome to evergreengas

The Evergreen Gas range of small-scale modular AD plants has been designed specifically for farms and rural communities, and is built on over 30 years experience of building digesters. We are able to demonstrate that, contrary to conventional wisdom, small-scale AD can be economically viable.

We offer a range of outputs ranging from 20kW to 250kW electrical. Within this range, each digester is sized to accommodate a variety of “low strength”, “medium strength” and “high strength” feedstocks.

The unique feature of Evergreen Gas is the design of the digester itself, which represents a radical departure from conventional tank design, reducing capital costs and operating costs. The design incorporates standard components selected for durability and ease of maintenance.

Evergreen Gas has developed its own economic model for the range. For each installation, we are able to work with the client to develop the optimum economic solution for the application.